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Ted Cannon and Jim Seely went to the Palm Springs road race just after the war.  It was announced at the race that there would be another race at Pebble Beach in 6 weeks.  On the drive home Ted and Jim decided to finish a car that they had started to build and enter it in the race.  Jim had raced motorcycles and hot rods before the war and was a fighter pilot during the war.  Ted was married and had children and in order to assure domestic tranquility, it was decided that Jim would be the driver. 

The image shown here is that car.  It was finished in 6 weeks and raced at the Pebble Beach road race where it finished in 3rd place.  It sported a Chrysler frame and independent front suspension, a Ford cross member and rear end as well as a Ford Flathead V8 engine.  The heads were 'milled and filled' for higher compression and for this first race they ran only a single carburator.

Cannon Mk1

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