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National Points

Jim was tied for 7th place in the national standings.  Which is pretty good considering they only raced California venues.  Some of the racers would load their race cars into transporters or airplanes and race all over the country.  Also note that the Cannon is the only true special in a sea of Ferrari's, Jag's and an Allard.

offy pg302.jpg

In the Books

A page from the book, "Offy, Greatest racing engine", first truly layed down offy.  We have some of the layed down modified parts and have collected some offy stuff.  We should do a go fund me to get this engine back into this car.


Continues to Race

It is a dream come true for the Cannon's and Seely's to be able to continue to race these incredibly fun but harsh vehicles.  Henry Manney III, editor at large for Road and Track and a friend of the family said that riding in the Mk4 was like riding in the back of a cement mixer half filled with pea gravel.  


Function over form

The speeds were not yet that high so they felt like visibility (which was limited with the coupe design) was more important.  The car is the same wheelbase and track as an MG.  You do sit up rather vertically, and the steering column and large steering wheel are reminiscent of a School bus.  The column was mounted using light aluminum angle which would hopefully collapse in the event of an accident.

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