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MK IV orig photo on track.jpg

Bakersfield '52

The two tone color with no roof scoops put this as an early race.  Thanks again Joel Driscoll.

seely pics 2_00467A.jpg

Reliable and Fast

You can't win if you don't finish.  The car was very reliable.  That might be the Cannon Mk2 Crosley next to the 'coupe'.

seely pics 2_00631A_edited.jpg


The tubular front axle was basically an anti-roll bar along with a high front spring mount which made the car corner deceptively 'flat'.  The majority of the mass of the engine was below the roll center.

seely pics 2_00853A.jpg

Offy Powered

Jim's connection to the Indianapolis cars got him some Offenhauser parts.  (And speedway tires that they had retreaded.)  Specifically a tall block and short stroke which got the compression ratio down enough to run gasoline.  Then they layed it down flat to get the weight low.

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