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Other Drivers

Again from time to time someone else would drive the car.  I think this is the race that Jim was recuperating from a broken foot from Desert Racing his motorcycle.  He would race his motorcycle on Saturday and race the car on Sunday.

seely pics 2_00457A.jpg

Tanks a lot

Thanks again to Joel Driscoll for identifying this as Buchanan Field.

seely pics 2_00565A.jpg

Skinny tires and marginal brakes

Torrey Pines, according to our resident historian, Joel Driscoll.  Thanks a million Joel!

seely pics 2_00602A.jpg

Someone has to do it

Someone had to tow the outhouse to the race.  The Cannon boys once again rise to the occasion.  This is why the cars all had hitches on them.  Just in case they had to tow something.  They loaded up their spare parts, tool boxes and the hood and John Cannon drove to the venue.

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