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Could be March AFB



Early in the racing 'career' the car was this 'salmon' pink.  The story goes that Ted asked his wife Joy to go buy some paint.  She was not happy with the time and money being spent on the car.  So this is the color she bought.  The Cannon boys were never slaves to fashion or convention.


Concours d'elegance

We were honored to be invited to display the Mk 1 at the Pebble Beach Concours d'elegance.  They had a special corral for the original race cars.  If anyone ever invites you to go, the answer is yes.  Rick Cannon (Ted's nephew and owner of the car), Dave Seely (Jim's son) in the drivers seat.  Baron Cannon on the right is Rick's son.


Throttlers Hot Rod Club

Jay Chamberlain on the left, later he raced sports cars and formula cars in Europe.

Ted Cannon-Center

Anyone know "Benny" the fellow on the right??  The roster shows Ben Henley at


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