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What race?

I don't remember what race this is, but Jim Seely is not driving.  I think he had broken his foot desert racing his motorcycle.  So help me out guys-Torrey Pines?  Santa Barbara?  I would peg the year as 1948 because the car is still "Pink".

seely pics 2_00468A.jpg

Big Jim

Great picture.  The family called him "Big Jim" because Ralph had named his son "James" as well, and so throughout his life he was known as 'Little Jim' even though he was 6'2" and 250 pounds.  Ralph had seen quite a bit of action as a fighter pilot in Europe in the early days of the war, many times being the sole survivor of a mission.  Little Jim was born while Big Jim was serving in the military.  Ralph knew the chances of Jim's survival were low.  Two brothers were never closer.  The story goes that they broke radio silence on the flight they were on to let Lt. James Seely know he was an uncle.  Jim asked permission to break formation-which was granted.  He went and did a bunch of rolls and loops in his P-38, then asked to rejoin the formation.

Jim wore the same protective leather jacket desert racing motorcycles or racing sports cars.  The teabaggers didn't like the "biker contingent" infiltrating their sport.

seely pics 2_00433A.jpg

Among Giants

Ted Cannon on the left was brilliant.  John on the slide rule was a math genius. Who is the fellow in the middle?  Is it Thatcher Darwin?  Ralph in the darker ball cap.  Jim on the right.  A lot of people talked about building cars but never got them finished.  The fact that they built these cars and that they were competitive with the best marques on the planet is a testimony to the Cannon boys genius and Jim's driving skills.

seely pics 2_00561A.jpg

Airport Race

Thanks to Joel Driscoll for identifying this as Buchanan field AFB.

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