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Tube Frame

This was an extremely advanced design.  Chromoly tube frame, aluminum stress panels, four point roll cage, four point safety harness (military surplus) and a number of other safety and performance advances.  The SCCA guy reminded them that doors were a requirement.  The gull wing design pre-dated the Mercedes 300 SL.  The Cannon kids recall riding in the back, over the fuel tank.

Seely Pics_00082A.jpg


Someone offered Ted $250 for the Offy.  He thought that was a huge sum of money. Ted took off the 'layed down' parts and sold it.  He went to the junkyard and found an overhead valve Lincoln V-8.  We have the layed down parts and will one day build an offy for this car.

seely pics 2_00683A.jpg

Cannon Mk2 & 4

This picture is Cannon's shop.  John Cannon's crosley powered special was considered the Cannon Mk2.  The Mk4 was lovingly dubbed the Cannonball.

seely pics 2_00627A.jpg

Cannon's shop

The Mk4 was used as a daily driver as well as weekend racer.  The scoops in the roof were added after the first race that Ted drove.  Jim had complained about the high cockpit temperatures, but was ignored.  Ted drove and the next day the scoops appreared.  And check out that crane!

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