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     Welcome to the Cannon/Seely family racing website.  We are excited to share the images and stories of the post WW2 California racing scene-(and even a few earlier) images.  The majority of the images you will see were taken by the Cannon or Seely family.  We have some images that were given to us-we will try to attribute the credit to the proper source if we know it.  We have avoided huge obstructing water marks which detract from the images.  We do not authorize any use of the images outside of this website but feel free to link to us.  These family photographs are a family treasure and our legacy that we hold dear.

     The purpose of this website is to share this history.  The notion of sharing is a two way street.  If you have some information regarding the images please add your comments so that we can have as complete a history as possible.  We are hoping that this website will grow and that we will all learn from each other about this exciting time.

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