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The Cannon boys

Jim Seely-left, back to camera

Ralph Seely-white T shirt

Ted Cannon-leaning

Jack McAfee-right, hand on hip

The nose was formed by bending EMT around an oxygen tank for the upper radius and an acetylene tank for the lower.  Then sheet metal hammer formed around it.  The body is mostly flat panels.


Ya Wanna Drive

On a number of occasions, both formal races and informal get togethers, other drivers used the Mk1.  Does anyone know who this driver is?  Thatcher Darwin had a helmet this color. I think this is a throttler's picnic at a horse track.  Paramount Ranch?

  More information to come.

The blue color was a result of Roger Barlow writing in his 'steering column' magazine article wherein he complained of the motorcycle contingent.  Jim Seely always wore a motorcycle jacket for fire and abrasion protection.  So the next race the Mk1 was painted the same color as Barlow's Simca but where the simca had the beautiful stylized swallow, the Cannon had a scrawny chicken with a sombrero.  Every lap the announcer would get the cars confused.


Gettin' Dirty

This has to be the same day but where did the white wall come from?

Jay Chamberlain blue throttlers jacket

Ted Cannon behind the barrier

Unknown on top of the barrier


Looks like fun

This might be Thatcher Darwin in the Mk1.  We have video of this picnic that we will post later.

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