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Same Airport race

This is at the same airport race.

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Throttler's Hot Rod Club

The Throttler's Hot Rod club of North Hollywood was active in lakes racing.  Ted Cannon built the first timing clock used at the dry lakes-hint: Miles of wire.  Thatcher Darwin and John Cannon were official timers for a number of races.  I don't know who this is, anyone know?

seely pics 2_00562A.jpg

Longer Race

The cars had to be licensed and legal to drive on the street.  Including a spare tire.  For longer races the spare came out of the trunk for a larger fuel tank.  The officials never noticed that the spare would only fit the front bolt pattern-Chrysler.  The Bump in the hood made room for three carbs.  Later on the hood was perforated for four carbs when they added Ardun heads.  But by this time the Mk4 was in development.

mk1 palmsprings 1951a.jpg

Palm Springs


Jim cornering hard.  Notice the passenger seat they had written the super secret pit signalling code: 

1 water

2 oil

3 gas

The car had a tubular cross-member behind the dashboard that they filled with oil and fitted with a small valve which fed into the oil pan.  So if they thought it might be getting low on on oil Ted would hold up 2 fingers.  Jim would open the valve for one lap, Ted would signal with two fingers again to remind him to close the valve.  Also there was an AM radio in the car.  John Cannon was a HAM radio operator and he could talk to Jim via the radio.  

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